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Our team of Real Estate and Hotel experts have over 25 years of experience in all areas of the Hospitality Industry from initial investment and development to providing long term asset management and advisement.

We provide proven concepts and specific actions for Owners and Investors in order to reach your goals and attain the highest profitability possible. We bridge the gaps and offer the most comprehensive advisement services in the industry. We are the hotel experts at every level of operation.


​​As an Owner or Investor, you have a stake in the financial success of your investment.

Do you review the financial statements from your hotel management company?

Oxford Hospitality, USA has a team of hotel industry inside experts that will evaluate all reports on existing assets and create a realistic proforma for future investment opportunities. We evaluate each line of financial statements while reviewing and implementing proven cost saving actions that will increase your GOP. Our team will be an objective 3rd party to effectively oversee your asset and ensure that your hotel has the proper structure, market mix, revenue strategies, management company and utilizes the brand resources effectively to reduce expenses and generate revenue.



Oxford Hospitality, USA offers strategies that attain profitable results. Our team has vast and specialized knowledge of the hospitality industry. We have the experience and knowledge to guide investors from site selection all the way through the process to the opening of a successful hotel investment.  

For existing hotel properties, our team of  experts will evaluate your asset and use strategies that are developed for your individual property to meet and exceed your goals. Our evaluation and implementation of action plans will give your asset the  ability to rise above the competition. 

  • Evaluate property goals

  • Create personized asset management plan

  • Increase revenue

  • Reduce expenses

  • Remain objective and relevant



Talk is cheap. Results matter.

Oxford Hospitality, USA has a team of "Doers". We offer advisement services from the first thought of investment to providing long term asset management for your property. 

  • Our industry experience is your resource to make that new investment with confidence.

  • Our industry relationships are your bridge to gain investors for your project.

  • Our Real Estate knowledge is your navigation through a sometimes complicated process.

  • Our hotel on-site property experience is your insight into the real issues and cost saving methods that lead to lower expenses and higher revenues.

  • Our various Brand knowledge is your guide in dealing with procedures, standards and policies of the hotel brands.

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